Youth and Ambition Part 8: Rose Island, Bahamas to Satellite Beach, Florida




Youth and Ambition Part 8:  Rose Island, Bahamas to Satellite Beach, Florida


As we cruised on the banks toward the Gulf Stream, Jake jumped on the radio and hailed a boat coming from the west, most likely straight across the stream from Fort Lauderdale. He replied back telling us the conditions were calm and it would be a beautiful day to cross.


With that information in mind we charted a course straight to Stuart Inlet. We derived a plan to use the Gulf Stream to our advantage and cruise into the heart of it and let the strong current pull us north. The plan would allow us to cut off an extra fifty miles if we crossed straight over. With the bearing set, the day was underway. The ocean surface was oil slick exposing the vibrant array of life. Schools of flying fish weaved between each other, while dolphins and tuna exploded from beneath. It was a picture perfect day to cross and it almost seemed like we were being rewarded for something. The weather fell into place and it made it much easier to get home, then it was going there.


We entered into Stuart Inlet at 2 a.m. and Jake somehow navigated us through one of the trickiest inlets for boaters in the dark of the night. He narrowly avoided unseen sandbars using the chart and instincts. We then anchored inside the calm of the river to gain a couple hours of rest before checking in.


March 7, 2010- Coming Home


Our journey was drawing to an end. The Melbourne Causeway rested on the horizon. It’s hard to find a place to begin when explaining all we went through together. We started out knowing nothing about sailing, some about boating, a lot about fishing and surfing and not much about using hookahs. Together we made it through the worst winter in decades. We survived two big blows that devastated other boats. We stayed focused and kept on track to complete and document our journey for others to enjoy.


This trip was about leaving things behind and living an alternate lifestyle. Some people cruise for a living and enjoy it every day. Others like to travel for a couple weeks or months before arriving back to their jobs and homes. We went into this thinking we would conquer anything that lied in our path. Quickly we learned how small we were in the world. There’s no overpowering Mother Nature or God. We ride the tides and take what’s provided to us.



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