Youth and Ambition Part 5 (Surfers Beach Eleuthera Bahamas)


Youth and Ambition Part 5 (Surfers Beach Eleuthera Bahamas)

Thirty minutes into the walk and there was no sign of being picked up. All the vehicles passing were cars and work trucks limited with space to stuff three Florida surfers outfitted with boards and film equipment. Then out of nowhere a gray Toyota truck came barreling over the hill and pulled off onto the shoulder about 50 yards ahead. We took off on a straight beeline towards the truck jumping into the bed and settling into positions. Surfer’s beach we tell the Bahamian driver but he already knew where we’re going and takes off with immense acceleration. This is the first time we had been in a truck in two weeks traveling at excess speeds much beyond our six-knot capabilities. Covering the second half of the trip took no time and he pointed down a dirt road, directing us towards surfer’s beach. Grateful for the ride, my body was churning with adrenaline anticipating waves peeling down the beach in crystal clear water. My heart pounded believing the next turn we could be there. Jake and James are more familiar with the path and reassured me to be patient and we’re closing in. Making our way through the winding sea grapes you could hear the sound of the waves crashing. That sound was very encouraging. We reacted by speeding up the pace in anticipation for the first glimpse at the mysterious wave. Finally we made it to the infamous Surfers Beach tiki hut!






The form wasn’t the best but the waves definitely retained the size and nobody was out. Jake and I skipped into the water skimming across the frothing surface while ducking under the small inside remnants. Today was the first day I was experimenting with the go pro mounted on the front of my surf board. It’s amazing this tiny camera can withstand quite a beating and after each wave crashed I looked up hesitant to see if it had survived. As we surfed a couple locals showed up and the waves glassed out giving us fun conditions with plenty of nice rippable rides.






It was one of the best days since our trip began. It wasn’t extreme just a real playful and enjoyable day of surf. Each wave had a playful wall that you could tear into as hard as you wanted.  Following the long session with our crew, everybody abandoned the waves for lunch.  We hit the shore and ate our PPJ’s and watched the beautiful lines roll in. Whenever you felt the urge you could run out and grab a couple fun bomb sets before returning to your peanut butter jelly sandwich.  James was shredding backside while Jake and I enjoyed the fun front side wave. Finally after a full day of surfing we call it quits just before sunset.


  1. snake
    20 March 12, 12:38pm

    fun playful waves!

  2. rach
    27 March 12, 5:59pm

    epic. miss that place so much! loved seeing you guys enjoy!!!

  3. Marcella
    27 March 12, 6:02pm

    Awesome guys!!!

  4. 12 April 12, 8:40pm

    What a great journey !!!

  5. Patrick Merker
    04 May 12, 12:42am

    You are really making me miss the East Coast. I can’t wait to get back.

  6. Lukas Brickweg
    22 May 12, 9:30pm

    yeah let’s get back on that boat and dip to a new found adventure!

  7. thedrewness
    23 May 12, 4:08am

    Looks fun. Thanks for the vid.

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