Youth and Ambition Part 4 (Rose Island Bahamas to Eleuthera, Bahamas)


Youth and Ambition Part 4 (Rose Island Bahamas to Eleuthera, Bahamas)

We were ecstatic! We just finished a huge meal of fresh mahi mahi, potatoes, salad, and tomatoes. We were stoked on today’s trip across the Tongue of the Ocean. Dolphins guided us out of Chub Cay in the morning and whales along with its baby welcomed us into Rose Island. Chugging through the inlet the current was ripping and we had to rev the engine to 2800 rpm just to make headway.  After riding the coast we discovered the anchorage area that our friend Jerry had told us about before we left. (Jerry ended up turning back and heading home after becoming frustrated by the relentless poor weather.) After anchoring up Jake slapped the 50 inch mahi mahi on the deck and began to filet it. We were causing quit a scene and people on other boats looked over curiously to see what we are dissecting. Jake initiated the idea of sharing our wealth and dispersing some of the fresh fish to other sailors to share in our spoils. He rowed the dinghy over to this sweet fifty foot steel hull boat, they looked friendly and had priority over the boat that wouldn’t wave back when we signaled over to them. James and I watched from our boat and we enjoyed viewing Jake offering bags of fresh mahi mahi into grateful hands. Jake did this without notion of anything in return, but they offered a bottle of rum so we both made out good. They shouted back from their steel cutter they would trade with us any day.


We chugged toward Hatchet Bay, motor running 2000 rpm straight into an east headwind- no sailing today.

NE wind 10-15kts increasing to 15-20kts

Sunday 5-10kts, Monday night S 15kts

77-degree W 25.10 N- our position

Eleuthera tide high 1:37 am, 1:48pm

Low- 8:18 am, 8:18pm




(Sunset in Hatchet Bay)

Hatchet Bay was finally visible laying comfortably on the horizon. The GPS counted down the distance and the compass was glued to our heading of 70 degrees. James had been anticipating this moment for years, working towards his goal pouring all his passion and motivation into Valhalla fixing her up and making this destination. Now all his dreams are becoming a reality and Jake and I were grateful to join him on this journey. Valhalla rested just outside the bay and a wall of rocks stand between us. A fishing boat zoomed full throttle towards the rock and from our point of view looked like he would have crash into them. As he neared the wall he instantly disappeared like a vanishing act. Did he just evaporate through the rocks? We assumed that was the narrow entrance into Hatchet Bay created by dynamite blasted many years ago. We chugged through the cut and spotted one vacant mooring ball and rushed to claim our stake.


Knowing there were waves we decided to head up to Surfers Beach anyway to catch some rides and check the scene. Everything on the boat becomes a mission. Waking up each morning you have to make sure everything is running smoothly, refrigerator cold, batteries charged, and all the little things like that. Today was no different; we set about un-strapping the board bags, cleaning the stern area of scattered gear and securing wet clothes and towels to dry after Jake had washed them. After that we loaded up the dink with our gear and charged it toward the dock.

We hit the highway in full stride, destination surfer’s beach. Confused on the actual distance we began to hoof it in the right direction and hoped for a truck to give us a lift. Then a guy shouted out from the harbor, “You guys going to Surfers Beach” we reply yes. He smirked and informed us with a sarcastic tone,” it’s about three miles away”. We accepted the task and journeyed on towards surfer’s beach.



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