What Do You Know About Fish?

by Capt. Rodney Smith

What Do You Know About Fish?

by Rodney Smith

There was a time when I thought I knew fish pretty well. Fishing since the age of four, I’ve observed a good many come and go. But last week after seeing what I saw I realized that maybe I didn’t know so much about fish.

For the longest time up until last week, we’ve had two fancy goldfish sashaying about in our living room aquarium. One had a blood-red head and crème colored body; the other a whitish head and orange-red body. We thought they were best friends. One was always chasing around the other.

A few months ago, we noticed the crème-bodied one was slowing down abruptly, and its blood-red-headed friend was encouraging it, physically at times, to keep moving. Finally, after weeks she sank to the bottom refusing to move.

This reminded me of the time I witnessed a covey of small snook swimming around a large female snook floating belly up drifting out Sebastian Inlet. She had been dropped from the state park’s north jetty by an angler who’d kept her out of the water for several minutes. The much smaller males were actually nudging the empress in hopes she would row over and swim with them away. After a minute or so, to my amazement, she did. But unfortunately the goldfish did not.

Soon I was informed to get the “dying fish” out of the tank before our granddaughter saw it suffering. Using a dip net I fetched her up of the bottom and out of the tank she went under heavy scrutinizing by her partner and our yellow Tabby cat. Surprisingly on the way out to bury her in the garden she started flipping around in the net. Then an idea came to me.

Later that day, our granddaughter Devinee came barging into my office, “Popa what’s my fish doing swimming in the backyard fountain?” It’s been living in there ever since full of energy.


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Best Days to fish: March 14-19, 26-28 April 1-7, 10-15, 23-30

Delicious Mangrove (grey) Snapper along with a medley of vegetables cooked in the dutch oven!

Delicious Mangrove (grey) Snapper along with a medley of vegetables cooked in the dutch oven!

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