The Reef Off Satellite Beach


With all the clear water we’ve been having we decided to make this video to show you a few of the unique creatures that live in the reef off of Satellite Beach.


  1. snake
    11 January 12, 10:25pm

    nice love the video keep them coming

  2. perfect
    12 January 12, 12:13am

    The Mid-Reach project will dump sand over the reef soon — bye bye Nimo and Louie the Turtle.

    The decision to approve the project will be made by Assistant Secretary of the Army (Civil Works) with funding from Congress. And Bill Posey.

  3. you goat
    12 January 12, 4:23pm

    love it! lets stop these fools from killing our environment and eco systems. its too much to just cover up and kill.

  4. GG
    14 January 12, 1:14am

    You can send in comments until January 30th to stop the project –

    Tell your friends, too!

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