Surfing Frankenstorm Hurricane Sandy at RC’s


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Here’s some big wave footage we took from Sunday (10-28-12) of surfing Hurricane Sandy in Satellite Beach, FL! Hope you enjoy:)
Music by: Temper Trap- Science of fear


  1. 01 November 12, 1:06pm


  2. 01 November 12, 1:53pm

    What a Great Vid you guy's Rock! Love Living in Satellite Beach!

  3. Brian Bartlett
    01 November 12, 3:24pm


  4. Bonnie Markham
    01 November 12, 5:21pm

    great video

  5. 01 November 12, 5:31pm


  6. Glenn Walton
    02 November 12, 4:24am

    Glad to see that you got my board I left you shacked nicely Eric Peters~VIVAPINA~.

  7. Michael Griffith
    02 November 12, 6:56am

    How did yoy fare in Sandy Glenn, been think about you??

  8. Tom Goeller
    02 November 12, 11:26am

    Any blanks come it yet!

  9. Glenn Walton
    05 November 12, 4:09am

    familys ok thanx…working on erosion fixes now with team
    …overtime… haulin sand n makin berms where the hwy fell down onto the beach

  10. Glenn Walton
    05 November 12, 4:12am

    no call from shipper yet Tom
    should been here… but Sandy

  11. Jonesy
    05 November 12, 2:37pm

    nice edit. good talking with you guys that day Keep up the good work


      05 November 12, 9:25pm

      Thanks bro!! Good times! Let us know if your buddy needs any crew on his sailboat… We are always ready for an adventure!

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