Save the Reef Interview 1


James Smith of interviews Mike Daniel and Rodney Smith
Filmed, and edited by Pure Ocean Productions

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Just recently, the ACE (American Corp of Engineers) has released it’s ”final plan” for the mid reach (the 7.8 miles of beach from south end of PAFB to north Indialantic). Public comment is open until January 30.

This section of beach has been spared the type of large-scale dredge-and-fill ”beach renourishment” projects that have ruined surfing and fishing up and down our coast. Because of the unique coquina reef which is a Federally protected fish habitat, the ACE has had to formulate a plan ”they say” will only bury a few acres of reef. We all know how accurate the ACE is at predicting the outcome of their projects (not).

Let us be its primary defenders. SAVE THE REEF!


  1. tammy
    18 January 12, 4:50am

    i hope you protect this reef and the fish and so that people can swim with the animals

  2. Ann clark
    18 January 12, 2:11pm

    Very informative video that I really enjoyed watching. Great job James and Rodney!

    • pureoceantv
      19 January 12, 2:41pm

      Thank you everyone for the great support. Please share this video with all your friends and get this important message out to everyone!
      Thank you, Pure OceanTV crew

  3. jordan
    19 January 12, 4:51am

    The coral we have here contibutes to the flavor of this city,that flavor brings the tourists coming back time, and time again.

  4. Blackey
    19 January 12, 10:03pm

    SAVE OUR REEF!!! its all that is left for us to enjoy.. don’ t let the Wealthy Condo owners, (that are only here for 2 weeks out of the year), make the decision as to what happens to our beautiful eco-system.. its too much to lose, especially with no guarantee that it will actually work! i dont know about the rest of you, but i’ve seen what happens to sand when water hits it, and it doesnt take a rocket scientist to realize that’s and uphill battle, with no chance of reaching the summit… dont forget, we are the ones that built our homes right in the impact zone.. i say, let natural selection decide..

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