Fountain of Youth Adventure Documentary


Imagine purposely moving backwards to a time when food, water, and shelter were our primary concerns, a time when the world was young, wild, and unforgiving. Join the crew of Valhalla as they act on this need to experience the, “real world”.


Brothers Jake and James Smith alongside lifelong friend Lukas Brickweg set off to the Bahamas on an adventure of the unknown, where each moment is ever changing with the mood of the ocean and the wind that drives it. The wind in the sails gives the young explorers the free gift of travel.


It takes them wherever their minds let them go, across oceans, rivers and seas through storms, darkness and sunshine. It slows their minds down to a natural pace and allows them to cherish every moment to the fullest. This is Fountain of Youth!

Lukas Hit

Fountain of Youth is available for purchase below on DVD and Digital Download as well!! Its a great gift for any age and we hope you enjoy! All proceeds will fund our next adventure Green Horizons coming winter 2014!!

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Click on the link below for $5 HD Digital Download of Fountain of Youth

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CHECK OUT THE BROTHERS LATEST ADVENTURE GREEN HORIZONS The brothers have been planning a new journey called Green Horizons journey off the Grid where they will be setting out on an ambitious sailing journey from their hometown in Satellite Beach, Florida to the Bahamas; and back without the use of any fossil fuel in their 1978 sailing vessel, Valhalla. By connecting sailing to everyday life on land, James and Jake will demonstrate the significance of sustainable travel, the importance of quality food, and the value of self-reliance on the planet. The brothers are running a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for Green Horizons which will run through May of 2014. The audience will be along for the whole adventure through YouTube videos and posting daily pictures on face book and instagram. To learn more and to become part of the adventure visit- WWW.GREENHORIZONSFILM.COM

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