Florida Holiday Lobster

by Chip Curry

Nice! December warmth with fun waves . . . slow down, you’re here . . . sweet little princess gets a lobster dinner!

On this day, the boys drove south to a secret reef, offshore from the beach. They will often make the half mile passage in a kayak or simply pull a dive buoy from the beach. This area is not the best place to dive. The current and visibility can be a nuisance and it is hard to shake the feeling that a shark is lurking nearby. It really is a possibility.


Many people who grew up in Satellite Beach don’t care much for beach front condos. At least, not the people who remember what it was like before they appeared to block the warm winter sun in the afternoon. There really was a beach, dunes, mid-level dunes, scrub and the whole hurricane cushion habitat. That’s almost gone. Some of the condo owners get bent out of shape when life-long residents walk over their boardwalk or secure their bikes to one. What does it hurt ? They aren’t in anyone’s way, or causing any real problems. They are just continuing their tradition of walking across the dunes to enjoy their beach. It is your beach, too. The beach and the ocean are shared by everyone. I get a warm, fuzzy feeling at seeing the  bikes chained up in various positions of hasty abandon. I know the waves are good, and the kids are shredding.

If you grow up in Satellite beach, you will be shredding on your new skimboard when the waves are good !

I am proud of Pure Ocean TV.com., their affiliates, and friends. They know their local environment like a part of their body. They are working hard to conserve, preserve and restore habitat. They aspire to live righteously. They want to maintain their lifestyle, and welcome others to share. Also, they know a good logo when they see one (I designed it).  It makes an old crusty surfer happy to be working in any capacity with the vanguard of the future. I enjoyed doing this three shot montage of some nice stills they shot.

Photos by James Smith

Travis Brown of Brown’s Taxidermy in Port Canaveral is a second generation Florida craftsman in the art of modern taxidermy. You can release your fish unharmed and get an exact replica at any size. It is an amazing process that has been taking place over years of mold making, cataloging and storage. Travis is already recognized as a young master of his craft. Visit the Brown’s at the Port . . . here’s a link!


One more thing before I go. Have a safe and happy holiday all year long, and come to visit when you can!

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