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  1. Kurt Birkenmeier
    07 August 12, 3:37am

    Hay guys! Thanks for inspiring me! Now it seems that all I can think about is sailing from Florida to the Bahamas! I have zero sailing experience and I was wandering what advise you might have for someone wanting to get involved in such an adventure!

    Thank you for inspiring me!
    Kurt Birkenmeier

      09 August 12, 1:54pm

      Thank you Kurt! Glad we could inpire you!! That’s one of the goals for PureOceanTV!! For us the best experience was going out and doing it but you can start by reading a book on sailing- we read The Handbook on Sailing by Bob Bond. It has plenty of information for all types of sailors. You can also join a sailing club and learn from the experienced sailors in your area. Most sailors are looking for someone to bring along for the ride. Hope this helps you out:) Thanks for being a part of PureOceanTV!! We are working on a short documentary from our last trip that should be pretty epic!! If you haven’t yet please check us out on Facebook we are always posting info, photos and more on there!!
      Thanks again, The PureOceanTV Crew

  2. Lynn Burke G
    05 February 13, 1:32am

    If you look on my Facebook page tonight , I caught the same sunset. Red!
    Lynn Burke G.

  3. Matt Fleming
    13 December 13, 10:19pm

    I have some pictures of the beach ‘renourishment’ that show what happens when the fill material they are using is mixed with water vs. what happens when our sand is mixed with water. if you guys want to see them, where should I email them.

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