Anglers for Conservation’s Eco-scape day


The Anglers for Conservation’s Ecoscape Day brings kids and their families together to the west shore of the Indian River Lagoon in a volunteer effort to improve a community cornerstone, the Ted Moorehead Lagoon House.

Together attendees learn the fundamentals of living a more copasetic life style within the Indian River Lagoon’s precious watershed.

These two-hour programs combine hands-on-activities with learning centers with group activities.  Attendees learn how to save time and money by changing the ways they interact with their yard and garden.

The Ecoscape Day’s revolving centers cover topics like shoreline planting, proper use of fertilizer and learn the benefits of a healthy ecosystem. Volunteers learn how to plant trees, select and use proper native landscaping, better understand the benefits of using effective ground cover and the importance of reducing the use of fertilizers and insecticides. In addition, litter control, recycling; building and using rain barrels are discussed during the program.

There are many unique learning experiences that arise during these programs such as identifying wild critters like red-rat (corn snake) snakes and milkweed caterpillars to completing fun tasks with new friends. The Ecoscape Day not only brings the community together but also brings you into a world where people take a more positive approach to addressing their community and appreciating the environment! For more information on Anglers for Conservation’s Ecoscape Day please visit

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